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  • Website” means any format of this Website, or its replication or adaptation for public use by MSME Crowd Funding Foundation; be it as IOS and / or an Android applications, Desktop application, Downloads, Website and Web applications.
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Lots of people use or will use as such, we will expect every User to act responsibly and help maintain decorum and safety on our Website.

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  • Do not break the law or take any action that would infringe or violate other Users rights or breach any contract or legal duty you have toward anyone on our Site.
  • All campaigns on our Website has to be real, authentic and approved before launching it. Hence you are not to be involved in fraudulent activities.  You should strive to keep your promises to ensure accurate usage of funds raised.
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  • Do not be involved in any activity, other than that for which this site is created for – empowering MSME’s, by donating or creating a campaign of your own!