Our consulting partners provide business support services to MSMEs at very reduced fees as follows:

1Improving Business Operations for survival and growth, post Covid-19 (Online Course)N50,000
2One month handholding support to assess and optimise your business for survival and growth, post Covid-19 – consultant visit, reviews and engagement with your business, one month communication to evaluate and support your progress.N200,000
3Business name registrationN30,000
4Company registrationN70,000
5Website design and content creation; or

E-commerce store setup on Shopify
hosting and
domain fees).
6Logo design for website, social media pages and all business documents/ materialsN30,000
7Basic accounting software setupN30,000
cost is free)
8Accounting software trainingFrom N10,000/ user
9Premium accounting software cost for MSMEs (with business process automation add-on apps that are suitable for all industry sectors)from N90,000
10Premium accounting software setupfrom N30,000
11Accounting software cost for annual accounting onlyN18,000
12Audited accountsfrom N80,000
13Tax clearance certificatefrom N25,000
14Tax registrationN25,000
15Business Planfrom N50,000
16Monthly bookkeepingfrom N15,000
17Bookkeeping backlogfrom N50,000/ year
18Tax App – free on android and IOS (with useful tax educational materials and resources)
19Human Resources and payroll services (to be agreed based on specifications)
20Writing of business profile, proposals and marketing materialsfrom 10,000
21Training Courses:

Masterclass on Taxation of Business Names in Nigeria (N20,000)

Masterclass on Taxation of Incorporated companies in Nigeria (N20,000)

Companies Income Tax Training for Small Business Plus Template (N30,000)

Value Added Tax Training for Trading Business (N15,000)

Value Added Tax Training for Service Business (N15,000) 

Withholding Tax Training plus Template (N15,000)

Tertiary Education Tax Training (N5,000)

Learning Bookkeeping with Wave Accounting Software – (N40,000)

Learning Bookkeeping with Xero Accounting Software – (N50,000)

Learning Bookkeeping with Sage One Accounting Software – (N50,000)

Learning Wave Accounting Software (N10,000)

Learning Xero Accounting Software (N20,000)

Learning Sage One Accounting Software (N20,000)

Personal Income Tax Training Plus PAYE Template (N50,000)

Payroll Management Training (N30,000)

*Please note that pricing of some of the services is dependent on scope of work, number of years involved and complexity of the situation.

To request for any business service as enumerated above, please complete the form below: