Our Foundation’s goal is solely to build, as many as possible, thriving businesses in Nigeria and beyond.

Given the trend in start-up funding and investments, we have also made provisions (in addition to supporting enterprises through donations) for investors to identify and invest in ‘investment worthy’ enterprises in our enterprise community.

Our consulting partners would be willing to support investors and potential investees in the following ways:

  1. Screen and identify potential worthwhile investees.
  2. Structure and manage the loan agreements/ repayments, share acquisitions and any other investments.
  3. Provide investment advisory and financial management consultancy to both potential investors and potential investees.
  4. Anchor Start-up Challenge events as often as required by potential investors.
  5. Facilitate our start-up accelerator programme.
  6. Facilitate our mentorship and incubation programme.

Invest in Our Enterprise Community


If you are interested in investing in our enterprise community, rather than donating, please fill the form below. Whatever information you provide will be held in strict confidence, and we will send you periodic updates on potential investees in our enterprise community.

Update 1: View high level extract of applications for loans and other investment made by potential investees.  Send enquiry to support@fundanenterprise.org for full details. Please invest in these enterprises; their investment requirements are not that huge, yet you would be saving many lives!


* Our Start Up Challenge is a 3-day intensive start-up competition programme to identify investment worthy startups
or business ideas.
* Our start-up accelerator programme is a 12 week, investor sponsored, intensive programme for early stage ventures.
* Our Incubator programme is a 1 year handholding support for investees in our enterprise community.

* Investors can support the work of the Foundation by donating any amount below.