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At, we aim to support MSME’s to achieve / live their dreams.  This way, they are able to put food on their respective tables, while employing two (2) or more persons in gainful employment, who would in turn (one-day) live their own dreams.

Imagine the multiplier effect in our state / country. 

Imagine if we are able to fund that lady down your street struggling to “make ends meet” in her business or that young man / woman who left school months ago without a job, but hustling to be busy in a trade or that male / female person who for one reason or the other lost his / her job and now driving a bus / bike / tricycle, but cannot “make ends meet” as the condition of these tools need attention!!!  These are regular people in our society today who rather than “beg for arms” would continue to toil the earth?  These are some of the people who are into one trade or the other and require funding, but lack what it takes to approach a MICRO OR MACRO FINANCIAL INSTITUTION for funding – you know the conditions to get funding off these Organizations, you know the interest charges and documentation requirements, you know, you know…

These category of people / businesses are in their millions and they are the ones that truly matter!  They are the engine that grinds and drives our economy.  They are the ones, if successful – then there is CHANGE!  They toil, they are passionate, they are dedicated and they want to make a living while at it.  We know them, we feel them and as mentioned earlier they are numerous.

Let me share a story… On 27th December, 2018, a young graduate visited our (MSME Crowd Funding Foundation) office seeking for support to be able to sustain a trade he did while at the University.  From our discussions, I was impressed and had no doubt that he has a workable business plan – selling daily needs (not wants) to students, his store location is in and around built hostels (lots of foot traffic) and more importantly, I could see, feel and nearly touch the passion and determination, WHY, he came to meet us from another state (Oyo State) – so he must be dedicated and finally, he has basic Financial Literacy (we teach and preach this too), like the need to register his company / brand name, register with the relevant government agency and the use of technology to power / run his business and all of these are clearly stated in his business plan!  The shocker was he had a picture of his business today and a 3D print-out of what the business would be should the funding be available and the story goes on….

Morale of this write-up: we can blame all we want, but there are good people out there seeking legitimate living. 

Therefore, this is a call to #fundanenterprise with us and by so doing we are moving Nigeria out of the poverty and hunger index!  This would create more jobs and more opportunities for several Nigerians!

History has it that Nigerians (civil servants and citizens who could afford it), contributed money in different amount, monthly to support the Apartheid struggle in South Africa in the 80’s.  I can say confidently that this is #crowdfunding at work.  We need to rise again as the giant of Africa that we are, but this time, “Nigerians solving Nigeria problems”, thereby “Nigerians helping Nigeria”.

Why not support / donate to an enterprise today.  It is simple, reliable and secure.  You would be helping someone or some business to live their dream and by so doing contributing in making your / our environment, state and country a better place to live!

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