We are in a competitive world where our ideas seem not to hit the limelight. Narrowing this piece to business concern, there are many other people who are in the same business and going after the same prospects as you – Many competitors pursuing the same goal. The struggle is not only limited to working hard but playing smart to be at the top. 

Many businesses have folded up due to low returns as a result of low sales. This is mostly caused by employing bad marketing strategies.

Here are some few tips to help you increase your sales:

KNOW YOUR MARKET TARGET:  Your products/services are not meant for everybody. The mistake some business people do is to take their products/services to where they are neither needed nor appreciated. Imagine you being a Barber and your business is located in an area mostly occupied by female folks. It is very certain that you will make little or no sales in your venture. Let your line of business correspond with the desires of your customers.

MAINTAIN A CORDIAL RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS: Yes! Business is Business – As strict and as helpful this statement is; it has a way of affecting sales if not properly applied to business. Some business owners miss it here because they do not have a good relationship with their customers. This has nothing to do with your services/products but your manner of approach is what counts here. Create that friendly atmosphere for your existing and new customers and make them feel relaxed when they patronise your services/products.

DO MORE ADVERTISEMENT: Your advertisement is one of your sales motivator. Do not get tired of advertising your service/products to the public. The more people get to know about your service/products, the more your patronisers. When advertising your products/service, make it short, simple and most importantly captivating. Nobody wants to run at a loss. Hence, let your customers know what they stand to gain when they patronise your products – It is the reward for their money.

BE UNIQUE: What makes your products/services stand out is the uniqueness and creativity added to its value. This gives you more confident when you are advertising. Everyone would want to have a taste of this unique products because they cannot find it elsewhere. This is where you have an edge over your rivalries. Before they could join you; You are already an outstanding king.

If you have been in a business or you are aspiring to own one, Follow the tips above and apply them effectively. What are businesses if there are no sales and of what benefit is your investment if there are no returns? Be wise and Smart!

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