Want to start a new enterprise or business and you need funding? Is your business in need of funding to scale-up?  Here is how you can raise funds on our website!

Do you have what it takes to run a business?  Are you passionate about your entrepreneurial goals and dreams and willing to live this dream?  Do you require funding to start that enterprise, scale up or support an existing one?

Fundanenterprise.org (proudly operated by the MSME Crowd Funding Foundation, Nigeria) is offering you a crowdfunding platform to get the needed funding to live your dream and walk your passion.  Fundanenterprise.org offers you a platform to create your own fundraising campaign and seek support from colleagues, peers, family, friends, other backers within and outside Nigeria to fund your business or enterprise.

To raise funds on fundanenterprise.org, please take the following steps:


Create an account or register on fundanenterprise.org.


Go to the home page and click on ‘Create a Fundraising Campaign’ or click here.  You can create campaigns on fundanenterprise.org if your business is in any of these countries- Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe or South Africa.


Fill the form that displays, add full descriptions of your project or enterprise, and what you intend to use the funds for. Your story should be unique, intelligent and innovative.

Add a picture, and if you have any video that you made for soliciting for funding or showing what you currently do, please upload the video on youtube, social media or your website, then copy the link (or url) to the video and paste in the box for video. If you want more pictures added, send the pictures to support@fundanenterprise.org, after submitting your campaign.


Click on ‘submit campaign’ once you are sure you are done with everything. We strongly recommend that you read our tips to make your crowdfunding campaign successful before you submit any campaign on fundanenterprise.org. At this point, also re-read your campaign or get a third party to look at it, then ask yourself or the person if you both would donate to this campaign if it was not yours!

Afterwards, we will review your campaign and contact you for more details if need be (we strongly recommend you read and follow our tips to make your crowdfunding campaign successful) to determine authenticity and credibility. Once we are satisfied, we will publish your campaign on our website.

Congratulations! your campaign is now online.


Please share to all your social media contacts, friends and family as the people who know you personally and recognise your potentials are more likely to take a chance and fund your enterprise/ business venture. You can share your campaign right from our website.


Other processes

  1. Once your campaign ends, we will visit you physically for further reviews/ inspection of the enterprise you are undertaking. You would be required to attend our skills training session at some point before you commence your business.
  2. Once we are satisfied that your proposed enterprise is authentic, we will pay out the money due to you from what you raised on our website [less the applicable fees for your type of business (Up to 10% or 20% of the funding raised by your campaign), to cover for our website maintenance cost, payment gateway fees, and fees to consultants for the continuous financial training, compulsory handholding (monitoring, for existing businesses) and business support we will provide to you for the next one year).
  3. If the funds you raise on our website is not at all enough to fund your business plan, we can do either of three things: revisit your business plan with you to see if we can work out a viable business model with the funds you have raised;  keep the money you raised safely and re-run your campaign until you get an amount closer to your funding need; source for grants for you offline within our donor network to complete your target funding goal.
  4. We will provide you (without charging you any further fees), mentorship and handholding in the form of financial advisory, accounting, tax, human resource, innovation, branding, marketing strategies and business process improvement services to your enterprise or business venture for one year from the date of the payout of your funds. This is what we call hand holding, and it is compulsory for every fund raiser on our website. We do this to ensure that you actually apply the grants you are given, to a meaningful business venture.
  5. Our Foundation is open to engaging more training and handholding partners /consultants to enable us adequately achieve our goals of  supporting enterprises, helping businesses grow, creating jobs and ultimately developing the economy.
  6. For our prospective community members who already have the required funding but need mentorship, training and handholding as described above, we are glad to help. We can always link you up with our training and handholding consultants/ partners.
  7. If you would like to raise funds in form of loans or investment in your company’s equity, please apply for investment.

For further clarifications please contact us here.

For further reading, useful business insights, tools and resources, please access our MSME tools and resources or our blog and also follow us on social media. To join our enterprise community conversations or to advertise your business for free, please publish your post or business.


Are you moved to support one or more of Nigeria’s brilliant budding and growing entrepreneurs to make a decent living? Please make a selection of the enterprise(s) you want to fund. You are changing lives and making that impact that counts most. Our gratitude is most profound!

To donate to one or more enterprises on fundanenterprise.org, please take the following steps:

Select any of the campaigns displayed on the home page or go to the campaigns page to select any campaign of your choice. Click on it to view the full details.

To donate, click on the ‘donate’ button, a form would pop up, choose any amount on the form or type in any amount and click on ‘donate’ button.


It takes you to the checkout page. You may go back to the campaigns page to select another campaign you may wish to donate to, then go through the donation process again. The checkout page would capture all the donations you wish to make and you can pay once for the total amount.

Complete the basic information on the checkout page, select ‘I would like to make my donation anonymously’ if you would not like your name to reflect anywhere. Select ‘Agree to privacy policy’ and click on ‘purchase’.

You would be redirected to a secure ‘paystack’ payment gateway where you can either pay with card, make bank to bank transfer or pay by dialling the *737* code on your mobile phone.

Congratulations! You have successfully contributed to building enterprises on fundanenterprise.org. You should return occasionally to donate to enterprises on fundanenterprise.org.

* If you are interested in empowering enterprises through investments, please visit our investors’ corner.

* If you are interested in empowering potential entrepreneurs through an apprenticeship programme, please enrol in our MSME Apprenticeship Programme.


Benefits of becoming a Donor or Campaign Creator on Fundanenterprise.org

By becoming a donor or campaign creator on this platform, you would be helping our Foundation, our country and our world in the following ways:

  • People with entrepreneurial drive and energy, can now more easily get the funds they need, to start up or scale up their businesses.
  • People whose entrepreneurial energy has been depleted due to lack of support, can now pick up courage to venture into businesses again.
  • Young businesses will get it right from the start, as the Foundation and its handholding partners will set up the right legal and operational structure around their businesses without further costs to them.
  • Prospective and existing business founders will find the much needed knowledge sharing partners/ mentors for free, in the Foundation and its consultants.
  • Campaign creators will have their business plans critiqued and reviewed by professionals, to ensure that they are good enough to turn out viable enterprises.
  • Campaign creators can pre-test the public’s reception of their intended products or services through the pattern/level of donations and reactions they get on their campaigns on fundanenterprise.org.
  • Fundanenterprise.org will serve as a free and formidable advertising tool for campaign creators to showcase their work to the world through their compelling campaign stories.
  • Good people like you who love to engage in philanthropic activities can now help build enterprises and change lives very easily by donating to enterprise building on fundanenterprise.org.
  • Donors can get the products and services they love, through rewards that campaign creators are encouraged to offer on the website.
  • Investors who would like to empower businesses through loans, equity and other investments are linked up with potential investees in our enterprise community.
  • People and businesses would be greatly empowered through our MSME Apprenticeship Programme.
  • Many more jobs would be created.
  • Our people and their dependants can have meaningful livelihood.
  • Our country will increasingly become an entrepreneurial hub and our economy can grow to reach its full potentials in the ranks of developed economies.

It is our belief at the MSME Crowd Funding Foundation that unless many more people undertake meaningful and viable enterprises; unless the elite and more successful people in our society make it a point of duty to support budding and struggling enterprises, our economy will continue to be underdeveloped.


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