Youths at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Parish, Okota, Lagos

Help the youths of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Catholic Church, Okota, Lagos, realise their entrepreneurial dreams.
1% Funded
  • ₦ 80,500 Donated
  • ₦ 5,550,000 Goal
  • 4 Donors

About the Campaign

On 16 August 2018, the catholic youth organisation of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Catholic Church hosted us as facilitators of the topic, “The way forward for Nigerian youths, in the face of economic challenges and unemployment”.

They all looked vibrant, eager, full of energy and passion, but somewhat helpless. Not only do they need coaching, mentorship and handholding, but also financial support to pursue their many passionate entrepreneurial dreams.

One of the youths present seeks to change lives in her community as she champions the Fabulously Gifted‘ Foundation. The rest of them are involved in endeavours ranging from trading, arts and entertainment, catering services, freelance photography, masoning, fashion, style and beauty, to part/ full time employment.

They expressed helplessness about the situation of the economy; making it very difficult to either get a good job or start and run a viable business.

We are soliciting your donations via this campaign, to enable us to truly empower these young ones so that Godwilling,they can begin to build and achieve the enterprises of their dreams.

The following is the spread of immediate financial needs by the youths:

NGO Funding 1,200,000
Beauty, Hair & Makeup 1,200,000
Photography & Videography 900,000
Media & publicity 500,000
Fashion & craft 500,000
Soap and household products making 500,000
Catering & hospitality 750,000

* Please watch out for ‘updates’ to this campaign (to be published below the page) as we would be giving account of how your donations are utilised.

See pictures of the event below:

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