Vocational Training Center for Indigent Children

A vocational center for children whose parents cannot afford to send to school or skill acquisition centers.
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About the Campaign


In furtherance of the objectives of our Institute to advance knowledge in Administration and Commerce for the educational and economic development of Nigerians, we have resolved to establish vocational training centers to meet the needs of indigent children in our midst. There are so many young people in rural and urban areas whose parents cannot even afford school uniforms and writing materials not to mention fees and levies in the formal schools setting. These children are only existing, and their lives revolve around only daily bread that is hardly available. Children of destitute, very poor rural,urban and homeless children. If they are not rescued from the pangs of poverty by some sort of education and skill acquisition, they will pay back the society as criminals and the chain of poverty would be elongated. We feel their pain and want to help in whatever little way our effort can make some impact. We are soliciting for funding to give a helping hand and bail them out of criminal tendencies, relieve their parents, give them a future and reduce unemployment and improve economic development in the long run. We believe that one youth savaged from poverty could be a family relieved.

We got to know about www.fundanenterprise.org through a German lady, a Medical Doctor married to a Nigeria but resident in Germany. She is passionate about this project because of her experience in Nigeria. Millions of Nigerian graduates from higher institutions are also roaming the street because there is no job or any kind of social security. It is our hope and prayer that passionate donors like you will connect with us and support our project, via www.fundanenterprise.org.

We would like to commence admissions in September 2019 with at least fifty (50) students everything being equal. We shall start with the Ilaro center and the Ihievbe center in 2010
We will require workshops for each vocation and classrooms for academic work. Each center would have at least eight workshops and four classrooms. There will be a central store, administrative building and a hall for assembly and general studies. Students should also have one meal (lunch) at school. There will be no boarding facility.
Weaving, tie and dye, Plumbing, Mechanics, Fashion design, electricity, Masonry, Furniture and carpentry, Hairdressing, welding and fabrication, Commercial agriculture.
All students would study English language, Mathematics, Commerce and information technology.
We shall have a trainer for each vocation offered, and two teachers for English language and Mathematics on full-time employment while others would be employed on a part basis.
The vocational workshops (8) would cost at least N5,000,000.00
A block of four classrooms would cost N2,500,000.00

The Administrative block with a central store is estimated at N3,500,000.00
The hall is estimated at N7,500,000.00
Equipment for office and training at N5,000,000.00
Miscellaneous: N2,500,000.00
The total fixed cost is N26,000,000.
Equivalent in Dollars $72,222.22
Salaries: N7,200,000.00 (10 teachers at N60,000.00 per month) per annum
Wages: N2,160,000.00 (4 teachers at N45,000.00 per month) per annum
Sundry Administrative Expenses: N3,000,000.00
Feeding: At N250.00 per student (50) N12,500.00 per day is N3,250,000.00 per annum
Miscellaneous: N2,000,000.00
Total Recurrent Expenditure: 17,610,000.00
Equivalent in Dollars: $48,917.00
Please note
1. The exchange rate of the Naira to the Dollar is estimated at N360,00 t0 $1,00
2. that there would be increased in the second and third year with new entrants. This increase reflects the entire recurrent expenditure until the third year when it would stabilize. Another reason for an increase in both fixed and current expenditure would be an increase in the admission of students as we know that more indigent students would seek to participate. We may then partition the assembly hall into classrooms.
Fixed Cost: N26,000,000.00 ($72,222.00)
Current Cost: N17,610,000.00 ($48,917.00)
TOTAL N43,610,000.00 ($121,139.00) Per Centre.
Approximately N45,000,000.00 ($125,000) is what is needed to build and run a vocational training center to train a minimum of fifty (50) youths for the first year. Subsequently, approximately N18,000,000.00 ($50,000) would be needed per year for every 50 students. This is $1,000.00 per student per year (260 days) for tuition, clothing, and feeding. This is equal to $3.85 per day. Let us give the poor a reason to live.
This program is designed to build self-sustaining and enterprising individuals that would create value and employment for others. This will reduce the number of indigent youths roaming the streets. They will be able to care for their parents and siblings and even send them to conventional schools when they graduate and take off. Their teachers and cooks would earn salaries and wages. Productivity will increase and the cyclical effect of income in the economy would apply.
A hungry man is an angry man. Moreover, an idle man is the devil’s workshop. One of the reasons for the increase in crime today in Nigeria is that the population is growing faster than the job opportunities, infrastructure, and utilities needed to sustain it. It is like a man married for twenty years with five children on the same salary from day one. There will be a revolt by the children. Except help comes his way by way of some uncles taking away some of the children to train, his troubles would increase as they grow older under the same roof. This is our story. Our big brother coming to our aid to help the poorest of the poor amongst us would reduce crime and criminality, create employment, joy, and peace in the family, community, and society. The world has become a global village where we need to help each other in whatever small way.
The need for funding for at least five years would be advocated for stability. The schools will go into investment in Agriculture on a commercial level, sell products from its workshops, run seminars and training programs for the public on a commercial basis. It shall also solicit for subvention from the government in order to increase student’s intake (if they will). While mindful of its objective, it will seek avenues to raise funds by social activities like fundraising, selling off its branded products, special events and deploy appropriate public relations to draw more sponsors and extend to other States of the Federation. It will become self-sustaining just as its products would be and become one of the economic movers of our country.
Elder Godwin Chris Ozemoje is a New Apostolic Church International Minister in Nigeria. The NAC in Nigeria is under the supervision of the Bremen District in Germany. He was an indigent student who defeated the odds and rose slowly until he became a Teacher in the same college he graduated from due to his excellent result. He is a farmer, a youth leader, an introductory technologist, an astute hospital Administrator, served as a facilitator in many outreaches and projects by UKAIDS, Vice Chairman of the Christian Health Association of Nigeria, Lagos State, Chairman and CEO of Ehimiaghe School of professional studies limited (ESPS) and Registrar of the Institute of Administration and Commerce of Nigeria Ltd/Gte the organization seeking sponsorship of this program. See my profile also at http://www.LinkedIn.com/ozemojegodwin.
The Institute of Administration and Commerce of Nigeria Ltd/Gte was incorporated in August 2017 as an NGO. This is our first project.

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