Turning Waste Into Jobs In Owo City

Cinzia precious plastic recycling project: Help us clean up plastic waste by creating a small scale recycling business in Owo city
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About the Campaign

Waste removal used to be available only in the large cities until recently.  This leaves most rural areas including Owo city with no choice other than to burn their trash, which is largely made up of plastic.  Many people are unaware that plastic releases toxic gas when burned and this is usually done in densely populated areas and they allow their children to play among the smoldering trash.

What is the solution to these problems?

Creating a unit that utilize the waste plastic instead of burning it.

Cinzia Int, a PSP in Owo city recently started a house to house waste collection and disposal service.  At the proposed workshop, our staff intend to turn plastic waste into usable products.

We intend to deal with the problems of waste plastic and poverty in Owo City by employing people to clean up the streets and at the same time create wealth.

We shall be purchasing and building small-scale plastic recycling machines

Precious Plastic Machines

For dealing with hard plastic waste, We are building small-scale recycling machines based on the open-source Precious Plastic model.

These machines will be utilized at our workshop to recycle plastic waste.  Plastic previously getting burned or ending up as public nuisance will be converted into useful items.

With the extrusion machine it is possible to make recycled plastic filament which can be used in a 3D printer.   The molding machine is capable of making any number of plastic products.

How you can help this project

Make a donation to the campaign.  Help to create micro-businesses in Owo that will reduce poverty, clean up the town and prevent plastic pollution.

How much is needed?

We need funding of N3,500,000 to realize this project.

Buying and Building Plastic recycling machines – N2,800,000

Setting up work area for manufacturing and training – N500,000

Marketing Expenses – N200,000

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