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About the Campaign

Working towards becoming an entrepreneur in Nigeria is really a difficult task like they say, but I have decided to dread this general belief by developing an innovation called TREK.


What is TREK? Trek is an interstate electronic motor park, which cut across the entire nation and where passengers and drivers meet to commit to travelling agreement/arrangement prior to any physical meeting is realized, in order to exchange values.


What I have been able to achieve so far include:


  • Registration of business name titled ‘’Thoughtfulthinker Consultancy’’, which powers the TREK innovation.
  • Filing OF TAX identification number.
  • Opening a business bank account, Guaranty Trust Bank (0472288303)
  • Creating a befitting website(
  • Developing a user-friendly mobile application for all android phone users and web application for all other users.


The project is set to lunch and all that is required/needed is funding for massive online marketing, which is the reason why I am soliciting for a grant from my friends and well-wishers in making this project a success.

Kindly watch a video demonstration on how trek works.


Please, feel free to visit to learn more.


Below is the breakdown of how the grant/fund will be spent.




The Trek management team has identified students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria as it preferred target audience. Given that the majority of internet users in Nigeria are students (teenagers and youth). Source: Seventy-five per cent (75%) of users are on social media.


The Trek would like to leverage on social media to reach the target market. Highlighted below are list of the identified marketing promotional strategies. Trek will also embark on achieving a three-month sales target.


  • Shooting two short promotional videos of 30 seconds to 1min = 300,000 naira. The first is to be an instructional video that teaches user how to use the interstate mobile application while the second video is to be a promotional video to boost mobile application popularity.
  • The Trek management team has projected 100,000 views for video adverts on Instagram. Cost of advertising on Instagram per thousand views is 6.70 dollars (2,800) at the rate of 400 naira per dollar. 2,800 × 100 = 280,000 naira.
  • Promotional videos would also be posted on Facebook with a target of 100,000 views. Cost of advertising on Facebook is 10 dollars per thousand views (4,000) at the rate of 400 naira per dollar. 4,000 × 100,000 = 400,000 naira.
  • YouTube advert cost between 10 dollars to 30 dollars per view. Converted to naira at the rate of 400 naira per dollar is 40 naira to 120 naira per view. 100,000 view as been budgeted which would cost 400,000 naira – 1,200,000 naira.
  • Advertising on Twitter is more complex, I’d rather do a rough estimate of 300,000 naira.
  • Giving 100 to 500 new users will receive free ride each on the commercial platform at the cost of 1000 each. This will amount to between 100,000 – 500,000 naira. This strategy is to encourage user into testing the platform. Trek believes a trial would convince users.
  • Running a referrer promo. Each VIP passenger referred attracts 500 naira, while each commercial passenger referred attracts 100 naira. The referrer bonus would be earned once the passenger must have taken his or her first trip. Referrer bonus is paid after money is made so money made would be used to pay these bonuses.
  • All VIP passenger gets 10℅ discounts on all trips taken within the first three months of operation. This means Trek would not earn a commission for all VIP trips within the first three months of operation. This promotion would be sorted out with Trek’s commission.
  • Different Facebook pages, Instagram pages, twitter pages and WhatsApp group related to the target audience have been identified for the daily promotional post.  This task would be assigned to a member of my family and friend that believes in my idea to execute.

Find the link to a detailed proposal for interested investors.

Thank you and God bless as you donate towards the project.






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