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I am starting an emerging chain of hostel-based provision stores in Ife - Osun State. My business name is Shops N Links. Our mission is to bring basic household needs closer to students who reside in hostels as they pursue their academic careers. Our vision is to grow Shops N Links to other parts of the state and its environs where students are mainly resident. In this proposed store, I would be trading mainly in every day student needs, ranging from toiletries to basic foods and drinks that a regular full / part time student would require to sustain themselves. The store location is at the heart of several hostels and the student traffic is quite heavy and unique. I had previously started this type of trade when I was a student living in one of the hostels, making petty trading to sustain me through my university years and I must say, that it is quite a rewarding trade, which has motivated me to try again, but this time, somewhat better than I had previously setup. In the past, I was selling in a small corner of a room where we had built a brand, but were abruptly ejected due to some union activities. I would be very grateful to the Nigerian public to help me start and live my dream. It is my desire that on setting up, I would be hiring two (2) extra hands to support me in the businesses, as it is suppose to be a twenty-four (24) hours business. Please assist us with the necessary funds through to enable me renovate the proposed building, procure the necessary furnishing required and also purchase the start-up goods to get Shops N Links moving forward. I would be making use of an accounting software and would put Shops N Links on social media for every to see how we are doing. Please support me with the needed funds to kick start this new improved business.
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About the Campaign

Provisions, foodstuffs, cooked food, nobody can survive with them. Whether in mini marts, convenience stores, grocery stores, food shop, supermarket and the likes, the world just cannot do without them.

My name is Olalekan Ogunbiyi and I decided to go into the retailing of provisions, toiletries, consumer goods and sundries (goods normally demanded by students living in tertiary institutions hostels) business after my graduation. I didn’t have much cash but I was willing to start small. I saw an opportunity to sell to students in my hostel so I started with the N2000 I could muster at an unconventional location; a room in my hostel ( I made sure to document the details of my progress from then on my Facebook business page: We had students trooping in and out as early as 6am till 12 midnight and even beyond. After some years, and amidst so many challenges, we eventually broke even, acquired some assets and employed not less than 3 persons per time.

We had plans to expand beyond the hostel, but before we could actualize that, the school authorities had through some change in policy, forced us out.  

After having labored so hard, I didn’t want to just shut down like that especially because we had built a brand and reputation within our coverage area for quality goods, service and prices.

We have now secured an old garage which we were able to get on lease. The location replicates most of the dynamics we had in the hostel especially that of a dense population. It’s surrounded by a number of hostels. It has a road passing in front of it. The whole estate is populated by students,workers and families. When completed, it is where we want to move our assets, team and continue our business from but we are unable to singlehandedly cover the cost of renovation and initial inventory. We have had to reach out to help us cover this cost and in extension help regain the livelihood of everyone connected to our business including  other people that will come under our employ. We are looking for the sum of at least One Million Naira(N1,000,000) – about three hundred thousand(N300,000) for renovation and the remainder for initial stocking of goods.


We plan to build a proper business model that will also empower other entrepreneurs and also engage in welfare outreaches. (Please see more details here:

The breakdown of the building estimates are as follows: 


200 blocks @N170 per block. 34,000

6 bags of cement @N 2,400 per bag .14,400

1 truck load of gravel 10,000

Aluminion Works (windows)50,000

Wood: 3 by 4 – 4 pieces @ N1000 each4,000

2 by 4 -10 pieces @ N700 each7,000

2 by 3 – 20 pieces @N400 each8,000

Nails: (4 inches) 10 weight @ N200 per weight2,000

Crown – 1 pack3,000

Roofing Pans: 2 and 1⁄2 bundle @ N13,000 per bundle32,500

Holding Wire (Oja Igba): 1 pack1000

Welding Works (Rough Estimate)30,000

Artisans Workmanship:40,000

Other Works [Undeterminable at this point (Miscellaneous)] 40,000




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Thank you for your anticipated support.

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