Petals: creating a cheap, clean and renewable source of energy.

On a bid to creating an eco friendly source of power for African communities with limited access to electricity at a low cost. This is a call to support Petals in it drive to creating renewable source of energy in Nigeria!
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About the Campaign

Due to the ecological crisis and climate change, petals as a start up has the vision in creating an eco friendly source of power with no form of carbon emissions thereby making it an efficient source of energy and crucial at this point in time when our planet is at the verge of collapsing. The product we’re making is an electric generator which won’t run on fossil fuel like the conventional generator but it’ll harness the power of renewable energy thereby eliminating the emissions of carbon in to the atmosphere. Our targeted market is the Nigerian and African communities but we expect to expand our market demography as the product gains popularity. Our product will be cheap and unlike the conventional generator, there won’t be any need of procurement of fuels or natural gas. All you need do is procure the product, do the required home connection and that’s all: your home gets powered as long as you want and no need to panicking in case fuel runs out.

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