PECULAIR Banana Plantain chips

To make available to people Fruit Snack through producing of Banana chips

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About the Campaign

Peculiar Sweet and Savouries


To aid in the having of varieties of snack available to people in the country.

We Peculiar Enterprise are looking for a way to convince people to have more intake of fruit snack in order to help them live a healthy life by providing to them our Banana chips.



To satisfy our customer by producing the best Fruit snack which will be suitable to their taste.



To make our product available to every of our customers in every part of the country by providing an adequate chain of supply.



To make this product be accepted to people around our geographical area, we suggest selling it to small scale shops first then later if the response we get is a positive one we move into supermarkets and into universities and polytechnics in Ilorin.



Since our plan is to start the production of the business at home we can’t settle on how much the buying of the ingredients and equipment to carry out this operation successfully will cost us yet so with a rounded up knowledge of how the market cost is,our estimated financial plan is #100,000. The estimated plan are as follow:


*Small size Banana chips slicing machine

*Big size iron basket which will serve as a deoiling machine

*Medium size Banana chips frying pan


*Ingredients ( Salt, sugar, vegetable oil, pepper, packaging nylons etc).



We PECULIAR ENTERPRISE will be producing a minimum of 2kgs of banana chips every two days for start and if the market moves in favour of our product which means if we get positive response from our customers we’ll increases in our production status.

The production cost of producing 2kgs of banana chips every two days is estimated to about Seven thousands naira no actual facts yet.



As stated earlier on our target, our plan is to market the product to the small scale shops around our area first then we move our marketing strategy to supermarkets and wholesales trader then afterwards we move into universities and polytechnics in Ilorin and Kwara state as a whole.

Also, we’ll be advertising our products through social media accounts( Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc) for effective marketing response since the world gain awareness to something digitally more often nowadays which will be a fast and convenient scheme in marketing our product.

Peculiar Banana chips

Contact: 08127586660 (WhatsApp), 09032930027(Call).


Address: 21 Gboyinde street off Ministry of health, Fate, Ilorin, Kwara state.

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