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Campaign to support Emmanuel, a Chemist turned Entrepreneur needs funds to procure local Raw materials and Quality Control / production equipment. Please support me!
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About the Campaign

  • I’m Emmanuel a Chemist turned Enterprenuer, for months now I have been working on my pet Project; Food Processing using local farm Produce.


A break through came when I was able to locate a good market for my products abroad, now I’m set & ready to commence production and I need a venture capitalist, angel funder or a lender to compliment my personal investment to the tune of #1500000 ($3000).




Emmanuel Ogbuanu

( Chem. N.Dip Polymer technology)

Business owner & Key Promoter of Bigkoko African Integrated Services LLC.




5th Floor Westerewelle Startup Haus

Rugando Kigali, Rwanda.

Contact Persons

Ms. M. U Kabanda (Operations Manager)


Mr. Egide Sina (Business Dev. Manager)





Plot 92 East West Road Rumudara Port Harcourt

Contact person.

Mr. Emmanuel Ogbuanu (MD/CEO)





1.0 Executive Summary.

Bigkoko African Integrated Services LLC, is a rwandan based manufacturing and Ecommerce Solutions Startup, that intends to process Foods, Drinks and cosmetics Products from locally available Raw Materials into safe, healthy Products. Bigkoko is owned and promoted by Nigerian born Emmanuel Ogbuanu; a Chemist, Enterprenuer and business person.

As a home grown Startup, Bigkoko would be located atpprestigious Westerewelle Startup Haus in Kigali for obvious reasons– fantastic ease of doing business in the country, low capital requirements for success, negligible bureaucratic bottlenecks, good ICT integration, low industrialization and over 180 million EAC potential customers.

Our modus operandi is to source local raw material from Nigeria, Produce in RWANDA, sell to rwandans and other East Africa countries of Kenya, Burundi, DRC Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan under the EAC mechanism.

Bigkoko will build it’s Sales policy around three Strategies;

* Selling through Wholesale/ Distributors.

* Operating a 24hrs/7 days a week Online shop where citizens from EAC  can Order Products

* Selling through Independent Commission based AGENTS. Our Online Stores will be hosted by trusted names like Shopify, Verifone, QuickSell, Google, Instagram, What’sapp. To effectively reach our customers base, we have a guide line that clearly show how we will use  Marketing channels suchs LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Google etc via carefully placed Paid ads. that focus on our choice demographics, and through offline mediums.

Our payment platforms will readily accept credit cards, debit card, smart card and electronic transfers for all non cash payments. Our financial officer will keep a close watch over all cash flows regardless of the mode of payment.

Our Organisation is  structure into



•PRODUCTION & QC. Departments, supervised by managers and under direction of Mr Emmanuel Ogbuanu.

Bigkoko African Integrated Services LLC is owned and promoted by Mr Emmanuel Ogbuanu ( Chem. N.Dip Polymer Tech.). He is a big time Enterprenuer with the right investment philosophy. Prior to this Startup, Mr Emmanuel Ogbuanu had over 9 years experience working as a Director, Marketing supervisor, Relationships manager, tutor, and Qc intern. He is married with children.


Bigkoko has the following products in it’s portfolio:

•Foods; “Nutri-SoyB” powdered MRE. This Nutrition packed Soyabean food supplements comes in 100g, 450g, 1kg pack sizes.

•Drinks; “Ma Boisson” hibiscus petals (zobo) infused flavored juice. This vital juice comes in 50cl plastic cup/bottle pack sizes.

•Cosmetics; we have 7 brand in the product line— Poise, Connie, Pinkies, ARIS, Ada, Cocofair, Eco-Lax, Blondie, Best Mate, ranging from body lotion down to hair Conditioner and Gels, all made from Organic Shea raw material and synthetic Oils.


Bigkoko will source 70% of it’s raw material from Nigeria, Produce in RWANDA and sell the products to citizens of EAC.


Bigkoko aims to become a multi national FMCG brand therefore, we ensure we are going to use competent hands in all our work, persons that are qualified, honest, customer centric, Smart and ready to help us build a prosperous business that would benefit all stakeholde—- owner, investor, workforce and customer. In view of this, below shows our company structure:


•Admin & Operations Dept

> manager, Assistant & Financial   officer.

•Business Dev & Marketing Dept

>manager,Marketing Assistant (×2).

•Production & QC Dept.

>manager, prod assistant (×2).



Starting a FMCG business comes with it’s own challenges, especially when it involved several countries, sourcing raw material from reliable vendors, scaling production and Marketing costs/other sundry issues.

Bigkoko is launching a multi national business which is why we decided to model successful brands, while carefully asserting our niche. In so doing, we decided to conduct a thorough SWOT ANALYSIS.

We were able to employ the service of a business expert who helped us conduct a thorough SWOT analysis and feasibility Study. This is the summary of the SWOT analysis done for Bigkoko.

No big brand currently Produce there in RWANDA. Almost 95% of their Food, Drinks cosmetics needs are Imported. This will count as Strength for us. We have Developed a thorough sourcing protocol, and be rest assured that most of the Raw Materials are infinitely cheap here in Nigeria; Shea butter, hibiscus, Soyabean, groundnuts, Crayfish, Ginger etc. while the finished product is infinitely expensive in RWANDA and East Africa.

A major weakness that may count against us is the fact that we may not have the financial muscle to fund a top notch awareness/Marketing campaign accross the region–EAC.

The opportunities available to BIGKOKO is limitless; easy Export protocol, low bureaucratic bottlenecks, impressive Gov support, a receiptive local population, good ICT integration, good regional Integration, cheap but highly educated labor, low competition, low corruption etc.

Just like any other venture, one of the major threats that we are going to face as a manufacturer and Ecommerce Solutions Startup is economic downturn caused by Covid-19 pandemic. Another threat that may likely confront us is sociopolitical upheavals. This is the case for unstable African countries; however, RWANDA has been stable for twenty years now, and our Operations is not restricted to one country.

5.1. Target Market Statistics.
Area: 2.5 million
Population: 200 million, 2019.
GDP: $220 billion, 2019.
Members: Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, DRC Congo, Burundi.

•Who are our customers?
Host country— RWANDA.
These are house holds, local families members who use FMCG on daily basis.
EAC member countries— Tanzania, Uganda, DRC Congo, Burundi, Kenya, south Sudan. Our business manager; Mr Egide has painstakingly done a feasibility study which established a protocol on our demographics. These are people who prefer using locally Produced products than imported ones which are usually expensive.

•How does our products serve customers.
~Food; Nutri-SoyB is a soy based powdered MRE food that comes in 100g, 450g & 1kg size packs. It’s a plant based protein alternative made from soyabean, garnished with processed Crayfish, unripe plantain, groundnuts. It is healthy, wholesome food additives that serves as a perfect substitute for milk protein. It’s highly recommended for people suffering from lactose intolerance, nursing and pregnant mom’s, Malnourished kids etc.

~Drinks; Ma Boisson is a sorrel (hibiscus) infused flavored Drinks that comes in six flavors. It comes in 50cl bottles & cups packs. Ma Boisson is ideal for quenching thirst and providing much needed nutrients.

~Cosmetics; our seven cosmetics brands ranging from lotions to hair Gels offers Value for your money. They’re Organic and packed with body nutrients.


We have decided to hire some of the best hands to help us set up business, keep it running, and returning a profit at the earliest. We are coming into an industry and region–EAC, that’s not too competitive, thus we are leveraging on Quality, cheap production protocol, excellent sales and marketing strategies, and off course, pocket friendly Products that’s durable, healthy and safe.

Our study shows that our users cut across all age bracket bar non. For this, our excellent promotional activities would definitely do the needful.


•Sales & Marketing Strategies.

Bigkoko is a business designed to Produce FMCG (food, Drinks, cosmetics) and offer same Products, to over 200 million potential EAC customers through three different Strategies:

* Through the use of middle men— Wholesalers, Distributor etc.

* Through Bigkoko operated online shops. Our online stores will be hosted by trusted names like Shopify, Verifone, QuickSell, Google, WhatsApp,  Facebook, Instagram, etc. This affords us complete control accross borders.

* Through Independent Commission based Sales Agent. Our business development team would work with independent salesman to sell our product in interior parts of the region, there by creating wide Product reach.

Each of these Strategies are cost effective, feasible and potentially profitable within our broad timeline.

7.0 STAFF.


* Operations Manager

* Production Foreman

* Business Dev. Manager

* Stock/Fin. Controller.

* Executive Bus. Developer (×2)

* Production assistant (×2)


Soaking vessel



Induction sealing machine

Weighing Bal



Mixing vessels

Holding vessels



Soyabean, groundnuts, Crayfish, Ginger, plantain, presservative, sachets, container, labels, cartons.

Hibiscus petals, sweetner, flavors, water, cups, bottles, labels, cartons, etc.

10.0 CAPITAL NEEDS (12Months)

Items.          Amount

. Equip

(Fixture).      #3,000,000

. Raw

Materials.    #3,940,000

. Operating

Costs.       #1,500,000

. Working

Capital.      #9,000,000

. Markoff.     #3,488,000

Total:.         #20,928,000.

I can be reached on 09028122658. Thanks

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