Humble request for financial assistance to raise funds to start a food and delivery service business

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About the Campaign

The food and delivery service business I intend to start is for home made dishes and meals, fruit drinks, milk shakes and snacks for people to book me to cook for them based on the items on my Menu and for people who due to tight busy schedules or disinterest in cooking do not have the time to cook can utilize my services to cook for them in the quantity they want and every week I take orders to cook variety of dishes for people in large quantities to be delivered by weekends for them to stuck their fridges and frezzers with soups, sauces, stews etc to last them for days or weeks or at least a week. And hopefully after graduating from the University by the grace of God I intend to go further and train to become a professional chef I need to start earning too to support myself, school, my mom and family and attain a good degree of financial independence by utilizing my skills and talents positively and productively. I have been doing my research on the market soave for a food and delivery service business and made my budget on how much I need to start with and to start small but we’ll God willing. I will sincerely appreciate anyone who can and is willing to assist me in anyway way to acheive this goal by God’s grace. Thank you. Also on my own part I been doing my homework by first of all determining what will be on my Menu so it will be things I know how to make and been doing my Market survey to find out the prices of items and utensils and equipments I need to get to aid me some of which we already have at home so for the ones we have at home no need to buy those. And also worked on my Menu and gotten someone to do the graphics design for my Menu, logo and fliers and someone who has volunteered to help me pay for that so that’s been taken off my chest and budget list . And I came up with a unique business name for my brand which I am in the process of registering it with the relevant authority in Nigeria the Cooperate Affairs Commission aka CAC to safeguard my license to it for a long period of time and avoid legal challenges in that regard in the future. Also for those who are willing and able to assist me financially no matter the amount no amount is too small and all contributions will be appreciated and in return persons who assist me can become equal stakholders with me in the business or stakeholders depending on the quantum and value of their contribution and also they get to benefit from my services st lower rates than what’s contained on my menu and to utilize my services for their personal benefits or for events.

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