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About the Campaign

I started a company but something unplanned came up. The tools to continue running the agency went to the dark. The name of my company is Comet International. It is a service provider and an infotainment (information and entertainment) hub in Nigeria, West Africa. It comprises of six agencies. They include:

  • 1.       Comet  News – a news service provider and a news agency that tells stories and shares news updates on arts and culture, technology, cryptocurrency, entertainment, politics, foreign affairs, education, football, celebrity gist etc.
  • 2.       Comet Events – an event management agency into event ticketing, event ticket sales, interior decoration for events, event planning, event promotion and event streaming/recording. We give top notch event services.
  • 3.       Comet Media – a media agency into advertising and promotion. CM promotes and advertises for brands in a unique way.
  • 4.       Comet TV – a television channel/station that broadcast news from Comet News live, promotes events and brands, tells stories, educates school children/student in secondary school  in various subjects.
  • 5.       Comet Studios – a movie production agency into shooting of movies/comedy skits.
  • 6.       Comet Academy –a school where people can come and learn broadcasting, advertisements, journalism, content writing, copywriting, graphic design, cinematography etc.


I started with Comet News. I want to raise funds to grow Comet News and start Comet Events. Things went sideways for Comet News. Google suspended the visibility of Comet News on Google Search and the site ranking dropped also on Google Search. I want to use this opportunity to humbly solicit for sponsors and partners,  people ready to work with Comet International in one way or the other, and help Comet News bounce back.

For transparency, I have highlighted how the funds raised here will be used. Check below. I, the founder of Comet International want funds to:

1.       Get new devices such as a smartphone, a laptop and tablet.

2.       Get a MiFi.

3.       Redesign the site and open a general site for Comet International.

4.       Employ remote workers and begin to pay them.

5.      Donate some funds to a Non-governmental organization and a ministry (church).

6.       Do CAC registration for Comet International.

7.       Rent an apartment in Awka, Anambra State.

8.       Rent a temporary office space.

9.       Get some media, sound and light equipment like drones, cameras, tripods and microphones.

10. Register Comet News under News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

11. Develop a multi-store application where users can read news, view events, show interest in upcoming events, buy event tickets, stream movies, read stories, participate in an online tutorial class and book various event services.

12. Get stickers and print shirts for all staff/team members.

13. Invest some funds in cryptocurrency and stocks.

14. Save any left-over funds in US Dollar for some months to commence Comet Events by late 2022.


For a start, the estimation is 3.5 million Naira. All donors/contributors will be get 3-month free advert on both Comet News and Comet International, and on all our social media adverts.  Contact the founder on 09082719690/09124587832 or on Facebook. Kindly follow Comet News on Facebook. Instagram and Twitter. For free 3-month advert, send your proof of contribution as a message to us on Facebook. The contribution with the highest contribution will have a 5-10% share in my startup company


Thank you for your immense contribution.


Kingsley Chukwuma,

Founder, Comet International



For direct financial or product partnership and sponsorship, give the founder a call on 09124527892 or chat with him on Facebook

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