Establisment of Plantain Orchard

I am an individual who have passion for agriculture and my primary focus is plantain production. I want acquire a large hactre of land or lands to cultivate plantain for sales and consumptions purposes.
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About the Campaign


Agriculture remains the largest sector of economy because it employs about 60% of the nations population especially those living in the rural areas and contributes about 50% of the country Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

One major problem facing developing countries in the tropics is the production of sufficient food and shelter for the large population. Food production is very important in the economies of many developing nations which can be achieved through agriculture.

Agriculture remains another means of generating income for the country now that the price of oil has fallen in the world market and to also check the trend of unemployment and youth restiveness. Plantain belong to the family of permanent crops with scientific name ‘MUSA app’. Plantain is a perennial weed with almost worldwide distribution, that take the appearance of trees as they mature.

It is believed that it originated in Southeast Asia but their introduction into Africa has remained unclear. Plantain is a major staple food in Africa, Latin America and Asia. It is usually cooked and not eaten raw unless it is very ripe, it is more important in the humid lowlands of West and central Africa.

Hundred of varieties of plantain grow deep in the African rainforest, Plantain is an important food crop in the sub-Saharan African, producing more than 30% of the carbohydrate and 15% of the calories of approximately Twenty Million people in the region.


Plantain is a profitable agricultural venture someone can go into and it’s profit cannot be over-emphasised.

1.It increase food production.

2.It will help in rural development by providing job opportunities for rural dwellers.

3.Market is no doubt guaranteed as plantain are consumed by several people. A bunch of plantation that sell for #400 in those days is now being sold between #800 – #900 respectively. This can be attributed to population increase and decline in production levels.

4.It also has export potentials.

5.It can be processed into flour and chips.

6.It can also improve country’s economy.

HEALTH BENEFIT – It also has health benefit which includes

1.It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Minerals and dietary fibers.

2.Good for someone that is diabatic.

3.It cures erection dysfunction.


To establish this orchard, there is need to have a suitable land that has the following features.

*Humid low land 30°c

*Well distributed rainfall of about 100mm per month.

It must be noted that site for project should be visited by experts to ascertain their suitability or otherwise, after land procurement either by purchase or hire. This is followed by purchase of suckers.

Planting is done by digging holds of about 30cm wide and deep after which the sucker are placed in the holes. The spacing between crops should be about 3meter.After planting herbicide can be applied to control weed growth.

Cultural practices involve fertilizer application at 6month interval, regular weeding removal of unwanted grasses, which will aid desirable bunches. It takes some months for the crop to mature.


To establish the plantain plantation,5 hectares of land can be use for a start.

All projections are based on 5 hectares of land.


If the plantain suckers are managed very well, one suckers planted will in turn produce one bunch of plantain per annum. This will earn total sum of #8.1million per annum. Cost of maintenance per annum is estimated at #600,000.Investors will earn the sum of #6.75million as profit every year.

Plantain plantation can last for a very long time under good management and proper funding.


Land                              #600
Land preparation           #350,000
Suckers (9,000)@ #100 each         #900,000
Planting.                          #200,000
Herbicides                        #200,000
Employment of farms hands        #380,000
Procurement of fertilizer           #100,000
Miscellaneous Expense, farm tools   #150,000
Transportation.                    #150,000
Farm tools                        #150,000
Wheelbarrow                    #100,000
Total                           #3,380,000

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