Enterprises at St. Cyril’s Catholic Church Okota, Isolo, Lagos

Support the start-ups and small business owners who are parishioners of St. Cyril's Catholic Church, Okota, Lagos, with funds to build viable and sustainable enterprises.
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About the Campaign

On Saturday, 24 November 2018, our Foundation held a skills training session in partnership with VI-M Professional Solutions ( Our Handholding and training Partner) for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises at St. Cyril’s Catholic Church , Okota, Isolo, Lagos.

Many Nigerians who wish to venture into business or are already in business find it difficult to flourish in their businesses as they lack the necessary skills required to run a business and are also face with the problem of low capital and low financial support. As a response to mitigate these factors, the seminar was organised to provide business insights,  financial training and other necessary skills training required to start up/ run a business.

The session covered the following topics:

  • Starting a new business- personal qualities required
  • The role of innovation in business
  • Writing a business plan
  • Tips on workable business ideas, particularly where there is little funding/ capital
  • Legal framework for starting a new business
  • Marketing and selling tips
  • Optimising the finance function and internal control
  • Use of internet, social media and other online tools to promote the business
  • About business and personal branding
  • One on one clinic session

As follow-up, we created a WatsApp forum that will serve as a platform for sharing business ideas, knowledge, business advisory, networking and marketing.

A few participants also needed funding to start/ scale up their businesses. The various business segments and funding required are as follows:

Provision store (wholesale biscuits)  ———————————    720,000

Daycare, Creche School (start-up)  ———————————–  1,500,000

Laundering business —————————————————  740,000

Computer services —————————————————– 1,000,000

Transportation business ————————————————- 1,200,000

Bakery and packaged foods ———————————————– 1,200,000

We therefore, use this platform to solicit donations from the well meaning public in order to assist these business men and women in making their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

It is our hope that well meaning catholics in the Lagos archdiocese, prospective donors on this site, the local and international communities/ organisations would come together and support this initiative of providing ‘burden’ free charity funding for these aspiring entrepreneurs.

* Please watch out for ‘updates’ to this campaign (to be published below the page) as we would be giving account of how your donations are utilised.

We are offering rewards for donors to this campaign as follows:

For donations between NGN 10,000 – NGN 19,999 – A special fundanenterprise mug and ‘thank you’ note will be delivered to you.

For donations between NGN 20,000 – NGN 50,000 – A special fundanenterprise note pad and ‘thank you’ note will be delivered to you.

For donations of NGN 50,000 and above – A special fundanenterprise note pad, a special fundanenterprise mug and a ‘thank you’ note will be delivered to you.



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