Enterprises at Catholic Church of the Presentation, Festac, Lagos

Help the start-ups and small business owners who are parishioners of Catholic Church of the Presentation, Festac, Lagos to build viable and sustainable enterprises.
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About the Campaign

As part of its corporate social responsibilities, Vi-M Professional Solutions in partnership with the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, organised a Business Advisory and Tax Clinic session for SMEs at the Catholic Church of Presentation, Festac Town, on Saturday 4 August 2018.

The aim of the Clinic was to provide insight, and understanding to pioneering entrepreneurs and small business owners, on how to start and effectively manage their businesses.

Seeing that lack of adequate funding was a major impediment for many of the participants, to the implementation of the recommended current trends in business, Vi-M has now partnered with the MSME Crowdfunding Foundation to seek funding assistance for the participants who are in need of business funding.

The Clinic attracted about 145 registered members from the Parish, although many could not make it to the event, but are included in the Watsapp platform for knowledge sharing. In attendance were business owners, traders, retired workers, and youths intending to start their businesses. In addition to learning new things, the participants had different reasons for attending the program, which ranged from; “Gaining new business strategies, finding out ways to source for funds to start and grow their businesses, how to manage their finances” etc.

The Clinic session covered various topics as follows:

  • Starting a new business and how to write a good business plan;
  • Tips on workable business ideas;
  • Legal framework for starting a new business, i.e business registration and the regulatory bodies involved;
  • Marketing, selling, branding and how to create a niche for the business through Internet of Things;
  • Optimizing the finance function, proper accounting and internal controls;
  • Use of accounting and other software tools to power the business;
  • Managing people and employees;
  • Navigating personal and business taxes.

It was a very interactive session and feedback from the audience was largely positive with comments and suggestions. The participants attested to gaining a better understanding of how to run their businesses and were appreciative of Vi-M Professional Solutions’ foresight to take on the responsibility of encouraging Nigerian emerging businesses. These entrepreneurs came out of the session full of renewed energy and incubated ideas on how to move their businesses forward. Lack of funding continues to prove a major impediment to the execution of these new ideas.

The Watsapp forum was created for all registered participants to serve as a continuous financial training platform, communal marketing, network sharing and problem solving platform.

This campaign is created to help cater for the funding needs of these enterprises. Owing to the fact that the businesses are largely informal, raising monies through the banks or other organised micro finance institutions would prove a tough challenge. Hence our soliciting for funds via this platform to assist these men and women build up their business, put a solid/ viable structure around it, grow it and hopefully make a meaningful livelihood for themselves and their dependants.

We intend to give assistance to participants who indicated immediate need for funding the following enterprises:

Packaged food products 1,200,000
Fashion & style 1,000,000
Healthcare 2,300,000
Media & Publicity 650,000
Public Transportation 2,500,000
Beauty Products 900,000
Catering & hospitality 750,000
Fashion & style 750,000

It is our hope that well meaning catholics in the Lagos archdiocese, prospective donors on this site, the local and international communities/ organisations would come together and support this initiative of providing ‘burden’ free charity funding for these aspiring entrepreneurs.

* Please watch out for ‘updates’ to this campaign (to be published below the page) as we would be giving account of how your donations are utilised.

Pictures from the event are below for your viewing pleasure.

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