This campaign is about finding missing TB cases in Nigeria through the deployment of a simple device for continuous self and community testing.
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About the Campaign

Our Story

Tuberculosis TB , is a major public health problem in developing countries . Nigeria ranks 4th globally and has the highest burden in Africa. In Nigeria, more than 60% of TB cases are not detected, hence are not commenced on treatment. This is associated with continuous transmission in the community with newer cases of TB occurring every hour. More than 18 people are also dying every second.

This is worrisome ! Though there are available treatment,which is free.

In order to solve this problem, we have developed a device ,called a QTB Test, that enables rapid self testing for TB and provide linkage to hospital all within 5 minutes.

The device is an innovative simple strip that uses sweat or oral fluid. This is a unique test. Very easy to use. No need for blood or phlegm.

The device can be used by anyone. If it shows a positive result,the individuals can be linked to nearest facility for more test and or treatment.

We have tested the device ,and has an accuracy of over 90% and 82% specific for TB. Almost everyone patients on which it was tested preferred it.

Now, we want to produce more of the device,make it available at all chemists and shops,use it for rural and community screening for TB. We also want to use it to encourage its use for regular screening for TB.

The support received from this campaign,will be used to produce more strips,thousands of it, complete the regulatory approval and work out the distribution and market plans. The support will enable the cost of the strip to be within of everyone, at less than $2

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