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Help Emeka Adindu set up his Salsa Dance Studio. He is a professional Salsa dancer, an instructor and a Maltina Dance All ambassador.
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About the Campaign

Hi! I’m Emeka. Some of you know me already, some, I hope, will get to know me soon! I’m a professional dancer. I specialise in salsa, but have also received training in modern and latin dance. Dance was not my first professional choice and not the choice my family would approve of. I graduated from the Political Science faculty (in 2011, Abia State University, Uturu) but decided to live and work my passion, which has always been the dance. It has taken me from my home town of Owarri  to Lagos and finally Abuja. I have taken this path alone and persevered against all odds, concentrating on improving my skills, learning how to work with people, putting myself to tests. I have endured tough times but have been rewarded with many successes, among which the Maltina Dance All  Ambassador. On Internet, you will easily find references to this and some other trending videos of mine (I share with you a small sample here).
Today, I’m 30 years old, I live and work in Abuja, where I teach (individual private and group classes), perform at events, as well as organise events (dance parties, workshops) and performances. Over the years, I have built myself a reputation that keeps me busy with assignments seven days a week! I work with a circle of friends, many of whom I have trained over the last few years. They also rely on me for assignments, and I make sure that everybody gets their share of whatever profit we make.
I also want the best for my clients. I always ensure that they get the best quality, safety, and most of all, entertainment, I can provide. This however makes my profits very slim, as I invest a lot of time and money into the preparations. My costs include a significant commuting budget, equipment rental, security and support staff, promotional material, gadgets. As a result I only make just enough to pay people who work with me and afford a modest living myself. I’m already cutting my own costs as much as I can, making difficult choices between living closer to my clients, but paying more for accommodation, or living cheaply outside of town, but then paying dearly for commuting. Whatever money I put aside, I try to spend wisely to develop my professional activity, but in order to expand my business and take it to a new level, I need to invest more.
For this purpose, I’ve also decided to “formalise” my business. With the help of one of my friends who is a lawyer, I got myself registered as Emeka Salsa Ltd. hoping this would allow me to do business with bigger and more serious clients, a number of whom have been reaching out to me more and more recently (e.g. big hotels, including international).
My investment needs are not great. Most importantly, I have a huge client base (Nigerians, expats, diplomats) already, and a Nigeria-wide reputation to build on. I would see myself as an organiser of big and small entertainment and dance events, where I could share my passion with others. I also feel strongly about my teaching activity and I would like to grow it into a professional dance studio. I have already worked with children (the American School in Abuja) and adults. I have learned recently that dance activity can also do wonders for old people or people with diseases like Alzheimer’s. I’d like my dance studio to be open to people of all ages and all walks of life.
I’d also like my business to be a fair business, to create good jobs for people who work with me and to create top quality services and value for money for my clients.
In order to get there, I would first of all need reliable equipment for staying in contact with my clients and sub-contractors/co-workers, for running my classes and events, for moving between my many assignments. This would free up more time and money for delivering a quality service. Eventually, if not at the first stage, I’d like to get a place of my own in town, where I could run my classes. 
My estimated funding needs at this stage are NGN 500,000.
I’d like to use this funding platform to reach out to fans and friends, hoping you would be happy to support my cause. And I would be happy to give back to you by rewarding you in kind through my work, dance classes, invitations to events, etc.
Thank you in advance for helping me fulfil this dream!

Emeka Adindu 



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