Edutainment To Cultivate The Minds Of Youngsters

Please support us impact youngsters through wholesome Edutainment.
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About the Campaign

As a stakeholder in the Nigeria’s entertainment industry and also educator who have worked closely with youngsters in school environment as a freelance art music educator for so many years, I have noticed the depth of decadence amongst the youngsters and the need to fill the void, and divert their minds from negative influence abound.

KIDSTEENS HUB-KTH{3438934}; is a one-stop platform for kids and teens, designed to better the youngsters in all aspects, basically, to cultivate their minds in academic pursuits and mental dexterity through wholesome and exciting Educational and Entertainment activity, thus making them use their creative energy productively and shun vice.

Over the years, the Team KTH has been working assiduously to changing the mindset of the kids and teens via different forms of Art, Education and Entertainment, for them to be the best version of themselves.

At this juncture, therefore, KTH needs more funding to acquire more Educational materials, and equipment for sound and video recording to further boost its effort to redirecting the minds of the youngsters positively, so they will not grow up to become a menace to society and unproductive adults.


Emmanuel Ekong,

Head of Team KTH

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