Fund raising to expand/ scale our cassava farming/ processing operations.
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About the Campaign

AGRIVENTURENG commenced operation in July 2018.  We are  into plantation of cassava crops and also engage in the processing of cassava into GARRI and sell out in bulk to wholesale and units to end users at a cheap and affordable price.

Presently we have our farm in Oyo State for plantation of cassava and our garri factory also in Oyo State for processing of cassava and packaging of the output GARRI. So Far this season we have been able to plant cassava on acres of land and produce up to 100 bags of garri and our target is to produce minimum of 500 bags in the next season.

Our goal is to engage in massive plantation of cassava crops every season, process the cassava into garri and sell out in bulk and units.  Also contribute to the provision of employment opportunity as a reward to the community and to those who offer to support our business.

Our objective is to contribute to the country’s GDP and ensure provision of quality and affordable GARRI across the country and also generate more income to the country through exportation of GARRI.

Below are what the business need for growth and expansion.

 1. funding; grants, support loans and equity investments.

2. Land for farming

3. Modernized equipment to be used on farm lard

4. Adequate storage facilities.

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