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The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Crowd Funding Foundation (the owners and operators of was registered in July 2018 with the aim of assisting enterprises in Nigeria raise grants and donations to support their businesses.  This aim of the MSME crowdfunding foundation is executed in threefold as follows:

  1. Skills Training : We ensure that all beneficiaries are aware of what it takes to run a business. We equip them (in collaboration with our training and hand-holding partners) with skills necessary to start-up and run a successful business in Nigeria. We also walk through their business plan with them to ensure that they are viable, credible and authentic.
  2. Crowdfunding: We provide the platform ( and leverage our contacts to attract funding from volunteers, donors and backers. These funds are given out as grants to all qualifying enterprises. Individual entrepreneurs or groups are also invited to create their personal enterprise fund raising campaigns on, but must adhere to the process of fundraising on our website. Please see our explanations on how it works.
  3. Handholding of Enterprises: We provide compulsory one year hand holding support to enterprises who are beneficiaries of our grants or backers’ grants from We use digital technology and tools to power their businesses into the future. Our consultants and handholding partners will provide mentorship in form of financial advisory, innovation, marketing strategies, accounting, tax, human resource and business process improvement to these enterprises or businesses for one year from the date of the payout of them. This is compulsory for every fund raiser on our website. We do this to provide assurance to donors that their funds are indeed employed in funding and building viable enterprises.

It is all intended to be a communal enterprise building circle, to empower our people and build our economy.

The Nigeria populace is filled with entrepreneurial energy, but due to lack of easy access to finance, high cost of borrowing, strict regulations on equity financing, high cost of living, very poor infrastructure, poor enlightenment, lack of sustainable government policies/ support and other challenges of doing business, the entrepreneurial space in Nigeria is yet to scratch its potentials. is the first crowdfunding (and non-governmental) platform in Nigeria to support enterprises to raise funds to start, scale-up and support their businesses, with a goal to sustain the balance and buoyancy of the Nigerian economy  (recent statistics show that 87 million people out of the total Nigerian population of about 190 million are living in abject poverty!).

The MSME Crowdfunding foundation, through, is here, not only to provide the much needed relief to start-ups, small and growing businesses, but to change the way Nigerians in particular and the world in general support business operations.

We are therefore calling on everyone out there who wishes to make an impact in the society (no matter how small) to support us in this cause to make our economy buoyant again.

We welcome backers to support the enterprises on this site as we assure you of our commitment to ensure that funds are properly allocated and used specifically for the projects which you backed.

For individuals and organisations who may want to empower our enterprise community through loans and other investments, we invite you to visit our Investors’ Corner.

For those who would like to raise funds in form of loans or investment in your company’s equity, please apply for investment.

For individuals and organisations who may want to empower potential entrepreneurs, and those potential entrepreneurs who would like to empower themselves through apprenticeship/ incubation in any trade, business, profession or vocation, we invite you to enrol in our MSME Apprenticeship Programme.

Please note that no credit card information is stored or processed on our website. All payments and associated credentials are securely processed and handled by Rave, a payment gateway that processes payments from anywhere in the world, into bank accounts in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and South Africa (unlike Paypal and other international payment gateways), and Paystack and are also trusted by major international payment gateways. The Rave payment gateway can handle payments in 150+ currencies, but Paystack handles payments in Naira alone.

Benefits of becoming a Donor or Campaign Creator on

By becoming a donor or campaign creator on this platform, you would be helping our Foundation, our country and our world in the following ways:

  • People with entrepreneurial drive and energy, can now more easily get the funds they need, to start up or scale up their businesses.
  • People whose entrepreneurial energy has been depleted due to lack of support, can now pick up courage to venture into businesses again.
  • Young businesses will get it right from the start, as the Foundation and its handholding partners will set up the right legal and operational structure around their businesses without further costs to them.
  • Prospective and existing business founders will find the much needed knowledge sharing partners/ mentors for free, in the Foundation and its consultants.
  • Campaign creators will have their business plans critiqued and reviewed by professionals, to ensure that they are good enough to turn out viable enterprises.
  • Campaign creators can pre-test the public’s reception of their intended products or services through the pattern/level of donations and reactions they get on their campaigns on
  • will serve as a free and formidable advertising tool for campaign creators to showcase their work to the world through their compelling campaign stories.
  • Good people like you who love to engage in philanthropic activities can now help build enterprises and change lives very easily by donating to enterprise building on
  • Donors can get the products and services they love, through rewards that campaign creators are encouraged to offer on the website.
  • Investors who would like to empower businesses through loans, equity and other investments are linked up with potential investees in our enterprise community.
  • People and businesses would be greatly empowered through our MSME Apprenticeship Programme.
  • Many more jobs would be created.
  • Our people and their dependants can have meaningful livelihood.
  • Our country will increasingly become an entrepreneurial hub and our economy can grow to reach its full potentials in the ranks of developed economies.

It is our belief at the MSME Crowd Funding Foundation that unless many more people undertake meaningful and viable enterprises; unless the elite and more successful people in our society make it a point of duty to support budding and struggling enterprises, our economy will continue to be underdeveloped.

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